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Caring for your mourènne

Your Mourènne garment is truly magical. It is made from custom woven silk and other fine trims and should be treated like a work of art.

To care for your Mourènne, we highly recommend using a reputable dry cleaner that specializes in cleaning couture garments made from silk and has experience with couture beading. Be sure to confirm that the dry cleaner you choose can handle the specific needs of your Mourènne to avoid any damage. Please do not try to hand wash or machine wash your garment at home. Silk Taffeta is a very special fabric and can be altered in color and texture when exposed to washing with soap and water. Please cherish its luster and color. The best way to do this is through dry cleaning.

When not wearing your Mourènne, please store it in the special garment bag provided and additionally inside the beautiful box it arrived in. This will protect your dress from dust and sunlight. We recommend this method of storage over hanging in a closet.

Most importantly, we strongly believe that clothing this special can make any child feel valuable and empowered and should not just be saved for “special events”. After all, dreaming and wondrous adventures can often be the most special of occasions.