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The World of Mourènne

The Story of a Dress

From start to finish, your Mourènne is a handcrafted work of art that you will cherish for years to come.

part one

Fabric Sourcing

Our unique floral prints and distinctive colors are first developed in-house and then woven or dyed exclusively for our atelier, using the highest quality silk threads from China. We use heirloom French and English laces, exquisite French tulles, and high-end Japanese and Swiss trims to craft each piece.

part two

pattern drafting

With your child's measurements in hand, we draft the pattern for your custom dress or edit the pattern for one of our exclusive designs. We take great care to tailor each dress to perfection, so that it will fit your child like a dream.

part three

Fitting & Fabric Cutting

As masters in the art of dressmaking we take great care to tailor each dress to perfection. To ensure an ideal fit and cut down on fabric waste, we fashion a toile of the dress and refine all details on a dress form. Once we’ve made any necessary adjustments, we hand cut the fabric, taking care to match any patterns or prints perfectly.

part four

Beading & Embroidering

We bead and embroider every detail before construction, so that no stitches are visible in the final dress. All silk appliqúes and embellishments are handcrafted in our atelier, and we use only the finest materials, including 14K gold beads, freshwater pearls, and genuine Austrian crystals.

part five


A dedicated seamstress crafts the dress from start to finish. Each garment is meticulously sewn with French seams, fully lined in silk or Swiss batiste, and has several layers of sumptuous fabric. Crinoline is added in some styles to provide volume and shape. The seamstress finishes every piece with signature couture stitches.

part six


If you choose our personalization service, we carefully create an embroidery of your child’s name accented with our exclusive butterfly logo. This is a beautiful detail that makes your Mourènne even more special and unique.

part seven

Finishing Touches

The dress is individually inspected one last time, to be sure that every last detail is flawless for the special child who will wear it. We take great care in placing our final branding touches to make your dress a truly exceptional work of art.

part eight

Luxury Packaging

Finally, your dress is ready to be boxed in our luxurious packaging. When you unwrap a Mourènne creation, we hope you will see our dedication to beauty and craftsmanship. This is a tale of starting life in the most magical way where doors are opened for your child to explore, discover and dream.