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The World of Mourènne


At Mourènne, we believe that fashion can be beautiful and responsible at the same time. We are committed to respecting the people who create our clothing, as well as the environment we all share.

at Mourènne we are commited to

Paying fair wages

We truly value the artistry and talent of all our workers. We pay them
not only a living wage but well above the industry standard to make sure they are compensated appropriately for their unique skills.

Creating a supportive work environment

We follow flexible timelines that leave enough space for creativity and ensure only the highest quality of work is produced. By dedicating a single seamstress and a single embroidery and beading artisan to each dress, we hope to encourage the feelings of pride, satisfaction, and accomplishment that come from seeing each piece through to completion.

Minimizing Waste

We understand the importance of reducing waste in the fashion industry, and we strive to do so in every way we can. We painstakingly lay out our patterns to minimize fabric waste as much as possible, and we source fabrics carefully to ensure that we use only what we need.

Producing on a small scale

At Mourènne, we believe that every garment should be handcrafted. We do not engage in mass production, and we take great care to ensure that every piece is unique and made with love.

Using biodegradable fabrics

We are committed to using only biodegradable fabrics, such as silk and cotton, which are gentler on the environment. These fabrics are not only beautiful but also kind to the earth, and we are proud to use them in our clothing.

The Storybook

Discover more about the artistry and care we pour into creating magic for those who dare to believe.

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