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The World of Mourènne

Our Story

Once in her lifetime, every girl deserves that special dress, that takes her imagination to a place where dreams unfold.

Join us on an adventure where enchanted tales are intertwined with couture and every stitch whispers secrets of magic and elegance.



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At the heart of Mourènne lies the tale of love

The love between a mother and daughter, the love of beauty, and the love of giving back, expressed through the artistry of fashion.

From the very first dress that carried her to worlds of wonder, to the inception of a brand that seeks to bestow magic upon the world, our story is one of boundless imagination and endless possibility.

It all began with a mother's visionary quest to give her daughter the world, crafting a dress that whisked her away to magical places, where tea parties with whimsical rabbits and balls that end at the stroke of midnight unfolded.

Yet, as life's complexities intervened, the enchanting art of dressmaking lay dormant. But the love for whimsical worlds and magical dresses persisted.

A serendipitous spark ignited, as mother and daughter decided, fueled by their shared passion for creating enchanting garments, to share their love and craftsmanship with the world, and thus, Mourènne was born.

Perhaps it was the lingering memory of those childhood dresses, their threads woven with the essence of dreams, that now infused the endeavor with a touch of magic. Or maybe, it was simply the alchemy of two souls aligned in purpose, channeling their collective energies into the creation of something truly magical.

In each stitch and every fold of a Mourènne dress, lies the transformative power of love, imagination, and the belief that sometimes, the most extraordinary adventures begin with a single thread. Crafted with meticulous care and adorned with intricate details, each dress is a testament to the beauty of bespoke design.

Adorned with our exclusive floral prints, the finest French lace, and artisan Japanese velvet ribbons, each gown is a masterpiece of elegance and grace. But the commitment extends beyond craftsmanship; it encompasses a deep reverence for humanity and the planet we call home.

By creating safe and positive working environments, we honor and show respect to our employees. Through sustainable practices and a dedication to fostering joy and creativity, we strive to infuse every stitch with love and kindness.As you open your Mourènne creation, may it ignite a spark of wonder in your heart and bring a radiant smile to your girl's face. Join us on this magical journey, where the adventure begins with the first stitch.

In every dress lies the promise of a fairytale come true.